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Door to Door connects customers with locally grown produce

Colorado residents interested in good, locally grown produce need look no further than Door to Door Organics of Colorado Inc. The company, headquartered in the Denver suburb of Lafayette, CO, has entered its third season of home delivery to residents in the Centennial State. The company employs 45 people in Colorado and manages its own logistics.

“There’s an obviously increasing demand for local produce,” Chad Arnold, the company’s president and chief executive officer, told The Produce News June 24. During the height of Colorado’s growing season, 80-90 percent of commodities marketed by the company are sourced from local farmers.

Mr. Arnold said that the company makes Colorado produce available through its Local Farm Box subscription service, available to its Colorado customers from June through September. Working with more than 15 local farms, the company offers commodities such as organic sweet corn, tomatoes, summer squash, peaches, cherries, spinach and other greens. Customers are provided with information about the farm origin of their items, news and information on upcoming farm events and tours, and seasonal eating tips and recipes.

“We have had an overwhelming response to the program [this year],” Mr. Arnold said, adding that the customer base doubled in 2011. “The number one reason people are shopping with us is concern for their families’ health.”

Mr. Arnold said that use of the word “local” to describe produce is getting watered down. “Local is defined as where you are,” he stated. “In Colorado, it’s easy because Colorado has such a vibrant farming community. We buy as close to home as possible.”

Customers may choose weekly or every-other-week box subscriptions and can control the content in their Local Farm Box.

During Colorado’s off-season, organic produce is sourced from other areas, giving customers year-round coverage. In addition to fresh produce, the company sells a host of products, including organic grass-fed beef, chocolate, coffee, fresh-baked bread, bananas and avocados.

Door to Door Organics operates similar programs in Michigan, Illinois and the Kansas City region.