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Ontario deal strong for Koornneef

This season, all aspects of growing and shipping Ontario produce are strong, according to Fred Koornneef, president of Toronto-based Koornneef Produce Ltd.

On June 28, he said that for the last three months, Ontario greenhouses have been shipping “full-bore.”

Ontario field crops, such as zucchini had “just begun.” Strawberries and cherries were to begin harvest by mid-July and apricots, nectarines, peaches, and a variety of plums were to be on the market by late July, according to Mr. Koornneef.

Ontario’s growing season had “a very late start but we are catching up very quickly,” he said. On average, crop harvest in late June was only two or three days behind normal.

“Quality-wise everything looks phenomenal,” Mr. Koornneef said, adding that rainfall was ideal and “growing conditions are very favorable.”

At Koornneef Produce, “We are not doing anything differently than in the past. Why change something that is working?” Koornneef is enjoying “continual growth. Sales are up again from last year,” he said.

The company ships throughout Ontario and into eastern provinces, such as Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.