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Skip Consalo: New Jersey spring deal off to a good start

vineland, nj — Thanks to a winter that “wasn’t too harsh,” New Jersey’s 2019 spring produce deal started a bit earlier than normal with “very good quality,” according to Skip Consalo, president of Consalo Family Farms.

Consalo6309Skip ConsaloMixed greens started around April 15-18, earlier than the average start date of about May 1, Consalo told The Produce News Monday afternoon, May 6.

The company, located here in the southern part of the state, was already handling good volumes of Jersey items such as Romaine, green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce and a full line of herbs and cooking greens.

Consalo termed quality “very, very good.” The only downside was that the “weather is good all over the country, so prices are a little depressed,” he said.

Looking a little farther ahead to one of the state’s major crops, Consalo said that “blueberries could be a week earlier than normal,” offering June 10 as a possible start date. He added, “A week is a lot in the produce business.”

Whenever blueberries actually start, Consalo Family Farms will have plenty of volume.

The company handled about 8 million pounds of Jersey blues in previous years, but expects that number to approach 9.5 million pounds this year, thanks to its recent purchase of a 100-acre blueberry farm in Hammonton.