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King Fresh ready for grape harvest in Mexico

King Fresh Produce LLC, based in Dinuba, CA, markets both conventional and organically grown Mexican grapes from Hermosillo and Caborca and its program will start in late April and run into early July with red, green and black seedless and Red Globe seeded grapes.

King-Fresh-Mex-Flames-3 “We offer all our Mexico-grown grapes in 18-pound pouch bags, two-pound clamshells and four-pound clamshells in the King Fresh brand,” said Keith Wilson, president of the company. “Our Mexico grape program will exceed 700,000 of top-quality product.”

Great communication with growers is key, Wilson noted, to having a successful program.

“We as a company have great communication with our Mexico growers who are extremely knowledgeable in the cultural and packing aspects needed to produce quality grapes,” he said. “We continue to expand our customer base because we try to understand the needs of our customers regarding programs quality product and steady supplies. New varieties are a topic of conversation these days.” 

Looking to the upcoming crop, Wilson predicts the Mexican grape crop will be light volume with some varieties in the first few days of harvest.

“We should see the volume increase by early May, with promotable supplies being available soon thereafter,” he said.

“Pouch bags are still the main focus of our packaging. Our customers like the clear bags or limited graphic bags we offer.”

On the retail level, Wilson noted the company tries to help push grape sales however it can help.

“We always like to see our retailers promote table grapes,” he said. “We pride ourselves in partnering with our customers and see them expand with more store openings.”

Outside of grapes, King Fresh Produce is also excited about packing and marketing California cherries in early May to kick off that season.

“King Fresh continues to grow every year,” Wilson said. “We are increasing our farm acreage in California and Peru. We will add additional cold storage space to both our River Island and Jody Fresh facilities. We are excited to continue to donate to our employee’s children’s education through our scholarship program.”