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Christopher Ranch provides strong Southeast presence from Pompano Beach

Christopher Ranch, based in Gilroy, CA, has been growing high-quality garlic for more than 60 years. Due to an increasing rise in business, the company opened an office/warehouse in Pompano Beach, FL, in 1997. The reason being, the company decided it needed a closer facility to ensure service to customers on the other side of the country.

MONV-SLEEVE-BAG “It became clear that we needed to be more responsive to our customer base in the Southeast,” said Patsy S. Ross, marketing manager for Christopher Ranch. “Having a facility in Pompano Beach, we can easily transport our garlic products to retailers, wholesalers and distributors as well as have an easy-to-access location for pick up. Our warehouse can handle multiple loads of produce coming and going.”

The Pompano Beach office is headed up by Gus Battaglia, a veteran in the produce industry and originally from Chicago. He and his team carry out the mission that the 60-year family business has always been known for — to bring the best garlic to its customers and provide the top produce.

Christopher Ranch’s Florida office/warehouse and home ranch in Gilroy, along with its Los Angeles, New Jersey and Chicago locations, facilitate the distribution of its products throughout the United States.

“Christopher Ranch Pompano Beach carries the full line of Christopher Ranch products: fresh garlic, peeled garlic, specialty onions, ginger and value-added jar lines like chopped and crushed garlic, pesto and sun dried tomatoes to name a few,” Ross said. “We also handle other produce items our customer base in the Southeast requires as well.”

Thanks to a very good harvest this past summer, Christopher Ranch expects to ship more than 90 million pounds of California heirloom garlic across the nation in 2018.

“We are the nation’s largest fresh garlic grower, packer and shipper of California heirloom garlic,” Ross said. “We are a family-owned agribusiness with an over 60-year tradition of supplying the finest garlic products to retail and foodservice customers, shipping over 90 million pounds of fresh California heirloom garlic annually.”