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Fowler Farms continues developing top apples

The family-owned Fowler Farms, located in Wolcott, NY, continues to draw on the success of six generations of Fowlers, and its 20 varieties of apples are currently in 268 stores.

“Fowler Farms continues to make strides with new equipment and continuous improvement of growing and packing practices turning out the finest quality apples while navigating an ever-changing consumer base,” said David Williams, vice president of sales and marketing for Fowler Farms. “Business has been good. While other growing areas have been challenged with smaller size fruit, Fowler Farms has been blessed by mother nature with a nice blend of sizes and excellent eating quality.”

The strategy for the company in 2018 is to continue its ongoing process of adding more acreage of sought-after varieties while reducing and in some cases completely eliminating varieties that have fallen out of favor with consumers.

20170613 075012 “A constant challenge is to identify emerging trends and react to offer our customers the highest quality, best-selling fruit on the market,” Williams said. “We look forward to the future by constantly analyzing and developing programs that will deliver the next best apple variety that rises above the bar which has been set very high.”

One of the ways it has done that recently is by bringing in a food safety manager while making a major investment in its new presort line.

“This year we will focus on further enhancement of our packinghouse and storage facilities,” Williams said. “We will continue to introduce new sustainable practices throughout the organization to meet the challenges that the market always seems to present.”

Fowler Farms will occupy Booth No. 522 at SEPC and be conducting a preshow mailing to invite customers to come see them and enter a sweepstakes to win a trip this coming harvest season to the farm.

“Our team will be sharing the latest new variety information and the availability of remaining of excellent fruit from the 2017 crop,” Williams said. “Our focus will be on educating customers on the best growing practices leading to the highest quality fruit and what sets Fowler Farms apart from our competitors.”

The trade show has been important to the company for years, and Williams noted it’s valued because it’s well attended and gives Fowler Farms a chance to visit with current customers and build relationships with potential new ones.

“We look forward to the excitement on the show floor with our many customers stopping by and saying hello,” Williams said. “We expect to be talking about the latest managed varieties and their importance to growth in the category bringing in new users while stressing the importance of having a well-rounded offering to consumers because they like variety.”

The company will also be touting its revamped cider lineup with 100-percent Pure Apple Cider and new labeling allowing for better visibility in the cooler space.

“We will soon add color coded caps with the variety emblazed on the cap to help consumers quickly distinguish this excellent cider at retail,” Williams said.