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Ocean Mist Farms ready for SEPC

Ocean Mist Farms invites SEPC attendees to Booth No. 315, where key members of the company will share the innovation behind Season & Steam, and talk through its expanded offerings with Ocean Mist Organic.

The Castroville, CA-based company is also sponsoring the annual Tom Page Golf Classic and the new event app, which will be helpful to everyone attending.

“We’ve also got some great insights on the artichoke category that we’d love to share with anyone who stops by,” Diana McClean, director of marketing at the company, said. “This is a key event on our trade show calendar because of the opportunity for Ocean Mist Farms to reinforce and create solid ties to our retail partners.”

OMF.Season.Steam.Line6stacked The last year has been an exciting one for Ocean Mist Farms, as it continues to build on the success of the Season & Steam line, while adding new products like microwavable artichokes and sweet baby broccoli to the Season & Steam family, which won last year’s PMA Impact Award.

“We’re heavily focused on building demand for artichokes and the Season & Steam line this year through our trade and consumer marketing efforts,” McClean said. “Ocean Mist Farms is also seeing growth this year with the Ocean Mist Organic product line, due to expanded growing locations to accommodate for demand.”

For 2017, Ocean Mist Farms is dedicated to a full-year marketing plan, which will elevate artichokes, Brussels sprouts, and its Season & Steam line.

“We’re excited to launch four promotions throughout the year, which will allow us to engage more closely with our fans, while also introducing new users to the products we sell,” McClean said. “Part of this includes leveraging PR and social media in a big way by partnering with major food influencers, combining our Ocean Mist Farms and Artichoke Club pages, and nurturing communities on a deeper level throughout the year.”

A fourth-generation operation, Ocean Mist Farms is the largest grower of fresh artichokes in North America, with several family members working in the company to this day. Its roots and legacy began in Castroville, but extend today to growing regions throughout California and Baja Mexico where it plants, farms and harvests quality-fresh vegetables every day.

“Ocean Mist Farms is strategically focused and aligned,” McClean said. “Our planning process is well thought out and we’re constantly thinking of ways to be better, which keeps us moving in the right direction.”