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Skinny Potato campaign ramps up for Schmieding Produce/Cañon Potato

Capitalizing on a traditional “diet season” that follows the winter holidays as well taking into account increasing demand for convenience by consumers, Schmieding Produce LLC and its Colorado potato operation, Cañon Potato Co. in Center, officially launched the Skinny Potato campaign in mid-January.

According to Scott McDulin, vice president of marketing/retail sales, the promotion was conceived to “breathe life into the russet category” with a specific focus on four- to six-ounce spuds.100-Cal-Skinny-V4-LOW-1

Cañon Potato is “one of the major producers of both conventional and organic, and we have alliances with shippers and packers in other regions to keep freight costs equitable,” McDulin said.

The kick-off, strategically made during what is typically a “slow month for russet sales” and peak season for diets, is expected to energize russet sales by offering a unique option, promo material notes.

McDulin said the campaign is designed to hit on multiple levels. “You see a lot of items in the store that come in 100-calorie packs. That 100-calorie measure resonates with consumers, especially during diet season in January. They’re looking for items that help them with serving size and also with sticking to a healthy portion-controlled diet.”

He continued, “We tightened up our specs with the four- to six-ounce size, and now consumers can be assured they’re getting the great taste of russet potatoes in a healthy serving size.”

Keeping it easy, “The Skinny Potato comes in three-pound bags, both conventional and organic. The suggested retail price for conventional is $1.99, with ad promotion retail of $1.49. Organics’ everyday suggested retail price is $3.49, with the ad price at $2.99.”

At the Colorado facility, Darren White, general manager/sales, said he and the staff are “really excited to assist with the program.”

White told The Produce News, “This season has been great, and we’re excited the Skinny Potato is getting a lot of interest.” Quality of the 2016 crop is holding really well, and White said exports are up 15 percent YTD.