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FPA aims to improve business climate

The Fresh Produce Alliance has unveiled a new website to highlight the focus of the Alliance on improving the business climate for the fresh produce industry. FPA is a joint initiative of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, the Canadian Horticultural Council and the Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation.

The Alliance was established to identify and consolidate issues affecting multiple stakeholders, and evaluate potential solutions and facilitate change for the better. The FPA website states that unethical business practices erode confidence in the produce industry, damaging Canada’s image as a reputable business partner and harming producers, distributors and consumers.

"The produce industry is composed of many different and diverse businesses,” said Fred Webber, president and chief exeuctive officer of DRC. “Each segment and business has its own unique needs and concerns. FPA represents a venue where the industry can come together and work on those shared goals and concerns. The single voice of FPA on an issue shows we are united. Your active participation and voice in those organizations is key to moving forward with united messaging to public servants and elected officials. When we reach out to you for assistance, let your voice be heard.”

Helping to create policy framework that supports fair and ethical business practice is a key mission of FPA. The overarching long-term goal of the various initiatives underway is to expand trade and ensure the success of the fresh produce sector.

FPA projects currently underway include initiatives for destination inspection, review and standardization of grades and inspection procedures, financial practices, trust provisions (deemed trust) and licensing and arbitration.

The benefits of successful FPA initiatives are many including increasing financial stability for Canadian companies and improving trade partner confidence in Canadian services and systems.

The new site, is chock-full of resources and information. The site houses key documents on risk mitigation, grades inspection procedures, financial and market reports.