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Brooks Tropicals enjoying a tremendous ‘SlimCado’ summer season

"We have great volumes, and sales on our ‘SlimCado’ avocados have been tremendous this summer season,” said Mary Ostlund, marketing director for Brooks Tropicals LLC, headquartered in n Homestead, FL. “Brooks starts picking our Florida avocados in May, but out-of-state volumes aren’t available until June. The season picks up steam in July and August, which is perfect for summer’s outdoor eating.”

Ostlund said consumers are adventurous when it comes to avocados. They love choice and when they party, they give their guests a choice.

“Trends in guacamole making include hosts making two [choices], one with Hass avocados and salty chips and the other with ‘SlimCados’ and triangles of pita beard,” she explained. “Guacamole makers are also combining two avocado varieties in one guacamole product. At first it was done adding ‘SlimCados’ because you can get a lot of avocado in each one. Once tried, the popular dip has come back for second and third parties. What host doesn’t love it when their guests ask for the recipe?”

Salsa is just “dancing” for SlimCados. Ostlund said that versatile salsa never stayed in the dip dish, but instead consumers are now finding it topping meat just off the grill, replacing mayonnaise on sandwiches and so much more.


picking9Brooks Tropicals’ ‘SlimCado’ avocados have had a tremendous summer season so far, according to Mary Ostlund, marketing director for the company.

“Salsa’s ingredients won’t stagnant with just tomatoes in the mix,” noted Ostlund. “‘SlimCados’ are a great partner in salsa because they add just the right creamy texture next to a tomato’s acidic taste.”

Brooks Tropicals’ “SlimCado” summer promotions are highly effective in building avocado category sales. Ostlund said that retailers and foodservice operators alike can specifically target the health-conscious consumer, the dieter and Latinos who prefer “SlimCados” for their native cuisines.

“SlimCados” include a range of avocado varieties marketed by Brooks Tropicals, which all have up to one-half of the fat and one-third fewer calories than the Hass avocado. Branding them as “SlimCados” informs consumers about that difference.

“Avocado displays really pop with ‘SlimCados’ bright green skin breaking up the dark green of the Hass,” Ostlund pointed out. “Consumers love a choice and merchandising more than one avocado helps to build overall category sales.

“Customers are thinking about what dishes to make when they’re shopping,” she continued. “Savvy retailers don’t let them do all the work. Guacamole, salsa, salad displays with suggestions for ingredients will help them decide. Their decisions equate to increased sales.”

She suggested that retailers display by dish and display by event. Outdoor grilling is “de rigueur planned and spur of the moment,” Ostlund said. “Grilled ‘SlimCados’ topping flipped meat on the grill melts ever so slightly for a great taste. Tailgating also makes fun in-store displays.”

“SlimCado” avocados, she stressed, are a healthy replacement for mayonnaise. And unlike mayonnaise, they are not bothered by the heat. As a mayo replacer, they add a great new taste to typical tailgating fare of potato salad, macaroni salad and even coleslaw.


“And, of course, display SlimCados simply by themselves because it’s an eye-catcher,” she suggested. “But placing a basket of limes nearby will add to unit sales.”

Ostlund also said that consumers should be encouraged to make guacamole differently by trying a new ingredient or a different kind of avocado, like Florida “SlimCados.”

Try a new ingredient and a “SlimCado” from Florida, she suggested. SlimCados have half the fat and one-third fewer calories than the Hass avocado. Its light creamy texture is all avocado and it’s all natural.

“The season for our ‘SlimCado’ has just begun,” Ostlund added. “Brooks Tropicals has grown ‘SlimCados’ for over 85 years. It may be business as usual, but we can’t help but get excited when the season begins.”

Brooks Tropicals does an outstanding job of providing mouth-watering recipes that include “SlimCados,” as well as for other items in its lineup of a wide variety of Hispanic, Asian and other specialty products on its website,