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Baldor Specialty Foods always on top of new produce

New and exciting things are always happening at Baldor Specialty Foods, headquartered in the Bronx, NY.

“We’re announcing the official opening of our Washington, DC, facility,” Michael Muzyk, president, told The Produce News. “Although we’ve owned the building for about two years, during its renovation we used it only as a cross-dock. We built it out using the same high criteria that went into the construction of our Boston and our Hunts Point [in New York] facilities.”

Baldor prides itself on its strong customer relations, and if the full-circle rule applies here, it comes back to Baldor repeatedly. One example is when Susan Bradicich-Zaki, the purchasing director for the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, called Muzyk last December, telling him that her corporate headquarters had requested that she prepare a video on procuring that would serve as a presentation to purchasing directors and employees at the company’s operations around the world.

“Our relationship with Susan and her team is outstanding,” said Muzyk. “She called on a Thursday, and I immediately said that we were at her disposal in any way to help. Then she dropped the bomb — she needed the video completed by the following Tuesday. We wrote the script, filmed the movie and got it done. But the real crux of this story is in how proud we are that she felt secure in asking for our assistance. That’s the kind of relationships we always try to foster with our customers, regardless of how large or small they are.”

The video features Baldor, and it can be viewed at

“The tropical clientele is still strongly represented with the bodega-type retailers, which are not our primary customers,” noted Muzyk. “But we watch this category closely, and we know that chefs are increasingly asking us for things like sugar cane, mangos, malanga, boniato and other Hispanic and Asian items. There’s nothing we cannot get, and we never say no.”