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Giorgio’s specialty mushrooms sales up

Bill Litvin, senior vice president of sales and national account manager Giorgio Fresh Co., headquartered in Temple, PA, said, “Specialty mushrooms have seen strong growth nationally with 42 percent increase in dollar sales over last year. We are seeing strong growth in Shiitake mushroom sales as well as in other specialty mushrooms. We are also seeing strong increases in Oyster, Royal Trumpet, Enoki, Maitake, Pom Pom and other specialty mushrooms.”

Giorgio Fresh Co. is a leading grower and shipper of fresh mushrooms. The Giorgio farms, which are located in the United States and Mexico, grow and ship millions of pounds of mushrooms every week. The company distributes from Maine to Florida, as well as west to Iowa, Minnesota and Montana, and it has a joint venture in Mexico that ships into Texas.

Exotic-Medley-4oz-in-Till “Giorgio Fresh is also the proud owner of many of the most recognizable brand names in the fresh mushroom category,” said Litvin. “They include ‘Giorgio, Modern,’ ‘Pennsylvania Dutchmen’ and ‘Green Giant.’ We are also the major pack for many supermarket brands.”

The company maintains an in-depth sustainability program which involves many aspects of its business. Its Integrated Pest Management program, commonly referred to as IPM, significantly reduces its use of pesticides and fungicides.

“From conserving to reusing to using recycled content, Giorgio is looking for ways to improve our sustainability efforts,” said Litvin. “Our RPET [recycled polyethylene terephtalate] tills have been well received by the trade. Giorgio is switching from polystyrene mushroom packaging to RPET. The RPET is both recycled and recyclable where #1 plastic is collected. We invite anyone who is interested to call and schedule a visit to see our sustainability in action.”

Litvin noted that throughout the economic downturn, the mushroom category was fortunate to experience high demand and sustained growth.

“We expect this trend to continue as the United States economy continues to recover,” he added.

As a leading producer of mushrooms, Giorgio Fresh continually strives to introduce new and unique mushroom products to always whet the appetites of its customers and potentially new customers. It recently launched three new stuff Baby Bella products.

“The new items are Baby Bella Mushrooms stuffed with Cheese and Imitation Bacon Bits, Baby Bella Mushrooms stuffed with Crab Seasoning Flavored Cheese Blend and Baby Bella Mushrooms stuffed with Parmesan Cheese, Artichokes and Spinach,” said Litvin. “These are bite- or two-bite-sized appetizers that are great for holidays or for cookouts on the grill.”