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DNE ringing in the new year with Honey tangerines

Kathy Hearl, marketing promotions manager for DNE World Fruit LLC, said that the company will be “ringing in the new year” with Honey tangerines.

“The Honey tangerine program will run from mid-January through February,” said Hearl. “The grapefruit season kicked off in October and should extend thru mid-May. We expect the peak promotion period on red grapefruit to run from New Years to March. Star Ruby grapefruit started in mid-November.”

Bernard Egan & Co./DNE World Fruit Sales is a leading marketer of Florida fresh citrus and is one of the larger independently owned citrus marketers in the world. DNE is headquartered in Fort Pierce, FL. Bernard Egan & Co. will celebrate its 100th year of operation in 2014.

DNE’s Mid Sweet juice oranges will run in December and in January.

“Rounding out the season are the Valencia juice oranges,” Hearl added. “The Valencias will begin in late February and will run through May.”

FL-Grapefruit-3lb-bagA three-pound bag of ‘Ocean Spray’ Sweet Ruby grapefruit from DNE World Fruit LLC.She noted that the Florida citrus crop enjoyed ample rainfall in early summer.

“The late summer and early fall timeframe, however, has been very dry,” she said. “With sufficient rain in the summer, we thought the fruit size would be larger than last season. But it turns out that the fruit is about the same size as last year at this time. The eating quality has been exceptional. We are seeing higher Brix levels, and the fruit has nice shape to it this season.”

DNE World Fruit expects a slight volume increase this season on the Honey tangerines, with larger sizing due to those summer rains.

“DNE has a very good grapefruit crop this season,” said Hearl. “Volumes are up slightly and sizing is similar to last season.”

She said that the Sunburst tangerines are available during the holidays and are a popular item for the celebratory season.

“And then grapefruit will pick up after New Years and run through mid-March,” she said. “This is when they are at their peak flavor. We expect juice oranges to remain steady.”