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Morales: W.P. Produce never stops

W.P. Produce, located in Miami, continues to source and distribute the finest tropical produce and exceed customer expectations. The company began operation in 1984. Today founder and Chief Executive Officer Willy Pardo and his daughter, Vice President Desirée Morales, are focused on produce safety, product line diversity and innovative packaging.

“W.P. never stops. We are open all year handling many different items imported from different countries,” said Morales. The company’s primary commodities include greenskin avocados, plantains, malanga, chayote, yucca and mangos. “We have strong partnerships with Florida growers that pack Boniato, Florida avocados, guava and mamey for us,” Morales added.

The greenskin avocado deal has ramped up with imports from the Dominican Republic. “We are expecting fruit to have very good quality,” Morales stated. “But supply will be at about a 30 percent decrease.”

Retail and wholesale customers account for the bulk of customers, with foodservice taking up the balance. “ ‘Desbry’ has been our private registered brand since 1996,” she went on to say. “Packaging meets highest quality standards while utilizing our established relationships with proven vendors.”

Late last year, the company increased its storage capacity with another warehouse inside the Miami Produce Market. “We are fully PTI-compliant with our food-safety program,” Morales commented. “Since 2006, we have exceeded Primus food-safety qualifications. Food safety is something we are always trying to improve. With the changing demands of food safety, W.P. Produce is constantly at the forefront with new industry initiatives.”