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George DeLallo Co. to debut SaladSavors at PMA Fresh Summit

The George DeLallo Co. Inc., based in Jeannette, PA, a family-owned-and-operated manufacturer and distributor of Italian and Mediterranean foods, will introduce its new SaladSavors salad toppings at the PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans.

“DeLallo is proud to announce their latest innovation: a collection of five SaladSavors salad toppings,” said Giuliana Pozzuto, marketing director for the company. “Brimming with bold, gourmet flavors of the Mediterranean — beloved DeLallo antipasti, savory cheeses, dried fruits and nuts — each colorful combination is perfectly portioned for one bag of lettuce. Consumers simply add their dressing of choice.

SaladSavors salad toppings are ready to merchandize in the refrigerated produce section next to salad mixes and leafy greens.

“Visitors will find us at booth number 4247,” said Pozzuto. “Joining me there will be TJ Hoffner, vice president of sales, and Lou Krebs, sales director of produce.”

Considering the uniqueness of SaladSavors salad toppings to the produce department, Pozzuto said that it is all about the new product for the company at the PMA Fresh Summit.

“The SaladSavors salad toppings are conveniently packaged, refrigerated salad toppings,” she explained. “Each of the five varieties gives consumers a flavorful, gourmet solution to their bagged salad blues.”

The five flavors are “Zesty,” which includes feta cheese, Calamata olives and sweet red peppers; “Vibrant,” a blend of blue cheese, cherries and pecans; “Sharp,” a combination of asiago cheese, marinated artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes; “Fresh,” which brings together goat cheese, cranberries and walnuts; and “Bold,” a blend of gorgonzola cheese, pears and almonds.

“We will be serving up all five flavors at the PMA Fresh Summit,” said Pozzuto. “And we’ll be showcasing the three simple steps it takes to make a tasty gourmet salad.”

In addition to its vast and ever-growing line of fine Italian groceries, DeLallo specializes in savory olives and antipasti. Sourced from the world over, its gourmet goodies grace olive bars countrywide, allowing consumers to indulge in their favorite Mediterranean flavors.

“Now, with the release of our newest collection, SaladSavors, consumers can enjoy these colorful flavors alongside their favorite cheeses, nuts and fruit, for a gourmet salad worth savoring,” said Pozzuto.

The company’s products all carry the “DeLallo” brand name. Its products are available in select retailers across North America.

Pozzuto said that the company has recently made a major change at its production facility.

“We have expanded our production facility, which is SQF level III-certified, to include space for the production of our new SaladSavors line,” she said.