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Northwest pear volume expected to increase 2 percent in 2013-14

Estimates for the 2013-14 Northwest fresh pear crop were revised by the Pear Bureau Northwest on May 30. According to the report, the region’s producers expect a total crop of approximately 19.836 million boxes this season, up 2 percent from the 2012-13 crop.

The estimated crop is also predicted to be 4 percent higher than the five-year average.

CropOverview1Pear volume for summer/fall pears from the Pacific Northwest is expected to be 4.7 million boxes. Volume for Northwest winter pears is expected to come in at 15 million boxes. (Photo courtesy of the Pear Bureau Northwest)The total Northwest summer/fall pear volume is anticipated to be approximately 4.7 million boxes, down 5 percent from 2012. A breakdown by variety, approximate volume and increase/decrease from 2012 revealed the following: Green Bartlett/4.3 million boxes, down 5 percent; Red Bartlett and other summer-fall pears/87,500 boxes, down 16 percent; and Starkrimson/ 296,300 boxes, down 5 percent.

The total Northwest winter pear volume is anticipated to be approximately 15 million boxes, up 4 percent from 2012.

A breakdown by variety, approximate volume and increase/decrease from 2012 is as follows: Anjou/10.3 million boxes, up 3 percent; Bosc/2.959 million boxes, up 7 percent; Red Anjou/1 million boxes, up 6 percent; Comice/216,800 boxes, up 4 percent; Seckel, 49,000 boxes, down 3 percent; Concorde/67,200 boxes, down 14 percent; other red winter pears/28,000 boxes, up 104 percent; and other winter pear varieties/99,300 boxes; down 23 percent.

Organic fresh pear volumes are included in the above estimates. Total organic pear production for summer-fall pear volume is 285,600 boxes. A total of 613,700 boxes of winter pears are expected to be produced. According to the report, the following volumes of organic fruit are expected to be produced this season: Green Bartlett/242,200 boxes; Red Bartlett and other summer and fall pears/20,100 boxes; Starkrimson/23,300 boxes; Anjou/381,500 boxes; Bosc/170,800 boxes; Comice/1,600 boxes; Red Anjou/46,500 boxes; Concorde/12,500 boxes; and Taylors Gold/800 boxes.