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Bayer CropScience is forging new food chain partnerships around the world and has reaffirmed its commitment to working together with the food value chain for the sustainable production of fresh fruit and vegetables.

At the recent Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin, Bayer CropScience showcased its latest food chain partnership business initiatives with various key partners in Latin America, such as Walmart Chile, the leading food retailer in that South American nation; UNIVEG Group, a leading supplier of fresh produce; and Agricola Famosa, Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of melons.

These alliances were also the focus of a presentation with these partners hosted by Bayer CropScience during Fruit Logistica.

“The success of the global fruit and vegetables business for all partners depends increasingly on the sustainable production of fresh produce,” Birgitt Walz-Tylla, head of food chain management at Bayer CropScience, said in a press release. “At Bayer CropScience, our core competencies lie in developing and supplying locally adapted agricultural technologies and solutions aimed at improving crop productivity and quality.”

Bayer CropScience’s global food chain partnership program involves 240 projects in 30 countries and 40 crops, offering all partners — from farmers to food retailers — integrated crop solutions based on seeds, effective crop protection and services.

As part of its collaborative efforts, Bayer CropScience also provides training for farmers and technicians. Subjects covered by this training include product stewardship measures and innovations in Good Agricultural Practices.