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“Westmoreland Sales is a privately owned, leading year-round greenhouse grower and shipper with a very strong diversified customer base,” said Ken Green, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Westmoreland Sales in Leamington, ON. “We continue adding greenhouse space to our operation, and we are always looking to expand our customer base with good customers.”

Westmoreland Sales grows greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes; tomatoes-on-the-vine in red, yellow and orange; seedless cucumbers; mini cucumbers; red, yellow and orange Bell peppers; heirloom tomatoes; Roma tomatoes-on-the-vine; cocktail tomatoes; Roma grape tomatoes; mini Bell peppers; mini sweet peppers; and long red sweet peppers.

4lb-TOV---Mesh-Bag‘TopLine’ brand tomatoes-on-the-vine in a mesh-covered carton from Westmoreland Sales.

The company ships seasonally from its greenhouses in Ontario and in central Mexico.

Canadian production runs from March through November,” Mr. Green said. “And Mexican production runs from August through May.

Westmoreland Sales’ customers are primarily retail chain stores and foodservice operations. The company distributes the majority of its products in central and eastern Canada as well as the Midwest and the East in the United States.

Mr. Green said that the greenhouse industry fared fine during the economic recession.

“We do not feel that the economy has had much of an impact on pricing,” he said. “The pricing in 2012 was low by any standard, but it was caused by the basics of supply and demand.”


But he does feel that the locally grown trend is a hot topic among retailers currently.

“Locally grown is the hottest topic right now,” he said. “And retailers are definitely supporting that trend. We saw a lot more ad activity last year on field-grown beefsteak tomatoes, and that did impact greenhouse demand for those periods. As an industry we have to remind our customers that we are also locally grown.

“At Westmoreland Sales, we remain very bullish on the long-term prospects of greenhouse growing.”