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Bayer CropScience announced that it is teaming up with the United Fresh Produce Association Foundation to support Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools, a public health initiative developed to increase children's fruit and vegetable consumption by providing salad bars to schools across the United States. This initiative is supported by evidence that children will choose fresh and healthy foods if they are available.

Bayer CropScience plans to donate 10 salad bars this year to select elementary and secondary schools in Florida, California and areas in the Pacific Northwest to help create a positive and healthy lunch experience for students. In a press release, Bayer said that it hopes to foster relationships between local growers and the participating schools to help educate kids about where their food comes from.

Bayer CropScience also will donate an 11th salad bar to another U.S. school by involving the social community through a social media campaign called Give A Salad Bar, which runs through March 1. When students, parents and friends tweet and retweet the hashtag #GiveASaladBar, or pin to GiveASaladBar on Pinterest, Bayer CropScience will donate $5 toward the additional salad bar. Visit the Bayer CropScience blog at to learn how to get started.

"We are proud to support the Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools initiative and its efforts to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in the school food environment," Rob Schrick, strategic business management lead of horticulture at Bayer CropScience, said in the press release. "Because school salad bar use is associated with greater fruit and vegetable consumption, we hope to make a positive impact on students' eating preferences and educate them on the many benefits of eating fresh produce."

"It is gratifying to work with companies such as Bayer CropScience that recognize the importance of teaching children about healthy eating," Tom Stenzel, president and chief executive officer of the United Fresh Produce Association, said in the press release. "These salad bars will enable students to select from a wide variety of fruit and vegetable options each day, providing a personal experience about choices that can shape behavior far beyond the school lunch line, and provide a platform for a lifetime of healthy snack and meal choices."