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Mission Produce Inc., based in Oxnard, CA, announced that it will increase space and double ripening capabilities at its Toronto facility, and it will purchase a new packing facility in Mexico.

The Toronto facility will expand to more than 28,000 square feet from 6,000 square feet, and ripening capabilities will double to 144 pallet spaces. Cooling storage is also increasing to more than 400 pallet spaces.

Mission expanded into Canada three years ago.

"We came to a point where we needed more space to serve our existing customers and to continue to grow the Canadian business," said Jake Nixon, process improvement manager.

In Mexico, Mission has opened a new packinghouse near Zamora, Michoacán, called Mission La Cantera. The purchase of the Zamora facility will increase production capabilities in Mexico and optimize sourcing and transportation efficiencies due to the proximity of local avocados.

The Zamora facility has the ability to pack nearly 300 pallets per day. The current plant has 28,000 square feet, which Mission will expand to more than double the size. Existing cold storage of 100 pallets will increase to more than 500 pallets.