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The newly formed White Rock Specialties, which ships conventional and organic fingerlings and specialty potatoes out of Mosca, CO, is moving ahead full bore.

“We’ve been busy, probably busier than we expected,” said Paul New, one of the company’s managers.

Sheldon Rocky of Rockey Farms is the other manager in the new enterprise.

Last August, Rockey Farms and White Mountain Farm announced a new partnership. The former Sangre de Cristo High School was re-fitted with packing and storage operations. Mr. New said work on the facility is nearing completion. “We’ve been running at 70 percent right now,” he told The Produce News on Jan. 7.

Mr. New said volume baselines will be established during this first year of operation. Volumes will be variety specific, cleaning out at different times of the year.

“Some will run out in March,” he commented. “Others will run out in June and July.”

Since moving into the new facility, Mr. New said he has seen potato quality continue to improve.

White Mountain Specialties ships throughout the United States and under several labels. “We do quite a lot of private label,” Mr. New added.