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“New this year, Duda Farm Fresh Foods is offering ‘Celery Celebrations,’ a line of seasonal packaging that is designed to help spur impulse buys during critical holiday sales periods,” said Nichole Towell, marketing director for the Oviedo, FL-based company.

“The line features packs of 30-count sleeved celery stalks, 18-count celery hearts and eight-ounce zip-top celery stick packages,” she said.

Ms. Towell noted that the packaging is festive and features snowflakes to reiterate the holiday timeframe of the product’s availability, which began on Nov. 1.

“We will carry the package through to Feb. 3, 2013,” she said.

“The packs also include an interactive call to action that encourages the consumer to text ‘Celery’ to 99000 and get great holiday recipe ideas and cooking tips on-the-go from a mobile phone,” she added.

The produce was only recently launched. It was unveiled during the PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, CA, in October, so it’s brand new for the company.

Ms. Towell noted that “Celery Celebrations” were designed with Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ retail customers in mind.

DUDA-11771-0566-CelebrationDuda Farm Fresh Foods’ ‘Celery Celebrations’ family of packages.“The festive graphics and holiday theme is an immediate focal point for consumers and helps add interest to celery merchandisers,” she said. “Consumers are typically drawn to holiday décor and festive graphics when they are shopping at retail.  We developed Celery Celebrations to grab the consumer’s attention at the point of purchase and to encourage usage of celery beyond traditional holiday fare, which most often already includes celery as a key ingredient. From appetizers and salads to leftovers, we are inspiring the consumer to get creative this year with their celery purchase.”

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has also updated its website to feature a section on “Celery Celebrations,” which includes holiday recipes, crafts and a celebrations play list via Spotify. For more information, visit

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has been growing fresh products since 1909, when its founder, Andrew Duda, moved to the United States in search of the American dream.

Back then, Mr. Duda had a vision to provide people with farm fresh products that tasted as if they were grown in their own gardens, and at an affordable price.

Besides celery, Duda Farm Fresh Foods produces a wide range of vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, corn, herbs, lettuces and other leafy greens, radishes and more. The company’s fruit line consists of citrines, clementines, Meyer lemons, oranges, red and white grapefruit and specialty citrus and tangerines.

Today, after 85 years, the company’s vision to provide freshness, flavor and quality products at affordable prices is still its primary goal.

Andrew Duda’s vision has been passed down to five generations of family members who strive for excellence and continue to keep the family’s farming business running strong.