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Just three months old, JU Fresh Produce of Pharr, TX has gotten off to a hot start. Now the company has a new website up and running,, to keep clients abreast of the latest news regarding its line of Mexican avocados.

And while JU Fresh has just been in business for three months, the company’s principals, Joaquin Urias and partners Salvador Hernandez and Juan Contreras, have spent their lives in the Mexican avocado business and learned the ins and outs well before launching JU Fresh.

JU Fresh so far is only dealing in wholesale, though there are plans to move into the retail market. So far the JU-3JU Fresh has years of experience dealing with Hass avocados fresh from Mexico and sources from the region’s best growers. (Photo courtesy of Avocados of Mexico)company has been able to establish relationships with some major players in the Mexican avocado market and built “some very substantial wholesale relationships” and forged some “strategic partnerships with key Mexican growers,” Mr. Urias said.

Though he was born and raised in Sonora, Mexico, Mr. Urias has been doing business in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley for the past five years. JU Fresh’s early success is built on some “previous business relationships that I’ve been building for years and years. I started doing business in the Valley five years ago. I started with a carrot program and it went from there to limes to tomatoes to avocados. People gave me the opportunity to learn and I’ve been here ever since.”

And while JU Fresh is hardly the biggest player in the Mexican avocado business these days, the company has gotten off to a terrific start, doing brisk business in its first few months.

“It is a good time to be in the avocado business,” Mr. Urias said. “And quite honestly one of the reasons I got into the avocado business was because I love to fight. In this business you’re fighting against the biggest and the baddest in the world – and I do love the fight.”

Mr. Urias said the new company’s quick start out is due to the partners’ previous experience. While Mr. Urias oversees business north of the border, Mssrs. Hernandez and Contreras take care of operations south of the border in Mexico.

“They oversee the whole operation down in Mexico, from the field to our warehouse – they’re the ones who work the magic,” Mr. Urias said.

Mr. Urias and Mr. Hernandez have worked together in the Mexican avocado business for several years. The relationships they have built with buyers north of the border is paramount to JU Fresh’s jumpstart.

“It’s really more of a friendship than a partnership,” Mr. Urias said of his business relationship. “We do have a partnership of course but it all started as a friendship. We’ve all been working in the Mexican avocado business for several years. We’ve only been in business a few weeks but there’s a lot that’s going happen in the next few weeks. We’ve got the people in Mexico working from 6 in the morning ‘til 12 at night – I’ve got it running around the clock. And my work day gets long sometimes, too. I try to start the day at 8 a.m. but I’m up at 6 in the morning – the phone just won’t let me sleep.