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Green Tree International Inc. in Visalia, CA, which is now in the fourth year of its citrus program, will have Navel oranges from “about three different packinghouses that will pack our fruit for us, the same ones as in the past,” according to Fred Van Zandt, citrus category manager.

“We will have fruit that we run through those houses as well as fruit that we will be using of theirs” to fill customer orders, Mr. Van Zandt said Oct. 18. “We will have the ‘Green Tree’ label, and we will also have the ‘Green Giant’ label.”

Along with the Navels, “we are also selling a specialty item in citrus that people should ask us about, and that is the cocktail grapefruit,” he said. That will probably be packed under the “Sierra Eagle” label. The cocktail grapefruit are from a local grower who “who packs his own fruit and we help him sell it.”

Right after the Navel season, “we have a Star Ruby grapefruit deal” that will go through early to mid-July, Mr. Van Zandt said. Grown in the Central Valley, it is “some of the finest-tasting Star Ruby grapefruit in California.

Green Tree will also do some stem-and-leaf Mandarins “through the same people that have the cocktail grapefruit,” he said. “We probably do about 10 loads of stem-and-leaf Mandarins every year.”

Apart from that, the company buys and sells Mandarins.

“Our export program seems to be growing this year,” Mr. Van Zandt said.