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Attendees at this year’s Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit will have an opportunity to find out more about the all-American capabilities of Sev-Rend Corp. “The big theme we’ve carried this year is that all of our products — outside of wire — are made in the USA,” Vice President of Sales and Marketing Harrison Chien told The Produce News.

The American-owned company, which has been manufacturing high-performance packaging from its facility in Collinsville, IL, since 1993, is a leader in the field of tagging, labeling, flexible packaging and product identification. Mr. ChienSevRendSoft netting, which continues to increase in popularity, is available in customizable colors to Sev-Rend’s clients with shorter lead times. (Photo courtesy of Sev-Rend Corp.) said Sev-Rend is proud to offer its customers the highest level of one-stop shopping available in the marketplace.

President Rob Williams and Mr. Chien will be available at the PMA Fresh Summit at booth No. 1015. This past July, the company expanded its sales team. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet regional sales managers Russel Keta, based in Los Angeles; Patrick West, based in Dallas; Damien Yank, based in St. Louis; Luigi Indacochea, based in Atlanta; and Ed Harris, based in Philadelphia.

“With multiple years in the material and packaging industries, our representatives will bring a high level of expertise to help with packaging solutions,” Mr. Chien stated.

Sev-Rend offers customized soft-net production to its customers. “We are very excited to offer this product in all of the most popular colors, and it will be stocked in our distribution locations,” Mr. Chien went on to say. “Our rolls will be 2,000 meters and one pallet will hold 80,000 meters. We are now manufacturing soft netting in the United States with shorter lead times and custom colors.”

“Our lead times are in a two- to three-week timeframe, and our minimums are lower than the competition. We are more operationally flexible,” he added.

Sev-Rend’s research and development department works with customers to analyze, develop and test products that address packaging challenges. The company also provides graphics services that allow for updating of customer product lines.

Mr. Chien said Sev-Rend invested in a blown-film extruder, knitters and wide-web printing press to facilitate full domestic production. “Activity ramped up at the beginning of the year,” he stated. “We can control our own quality internally.”

Other innovative products manufactured by the company include tags, labels and wire closures. SecuriTag eliminates the need for multiple labels and shrink banding, combining them into a single, high-performance product that features proprietary tamper evidence tabs designed to preserve product safety. The Clip-to-Clip Tag, one of the newest innovations on the market, incorporates a premium handle bag for displayed product.

Mr. Chien said Sev-Rend will have some special giveaways available at the booth, including stress-relief squeeze balls wrapped in soft net. Samples of the company’s film will also be available.