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Curry & Co. will highlight its year-round blueberry program and emphasize its import program at this year’s Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit.

“We’ll have a full Curry & Co. team,” President Matt Curry told The Produce News Sept. 24. Mr. Curry and Mike Klackle, Dave Hicks, Adam Blocker, Sandra White, Trish Lovell, Jamie Brannen, Melody Garcia, Jake Mayfield and Patrick Garrison will be available to talk with attendees and field questions during the trade show at booth No. 1164.

“We offer blueberries toCurryCurry & Co. imports blueberries from Chile and Argentina as part of its year-round blueberry program. (Photo courtesy of Curry & Co.) our customers 52 weeks per year, we offer domestic blueberries from April to October, and we have imported blueberries from October to April,” Mr. Curry said.

On the import side, Curry works with growers in Argentina and Chile. “Chile is by far the largest part of our program, and Argentina fills an important niche,” Mr. Curry stated.

Asked how the import growing season is progressing, Mr. Curry replied, “We expect a strong quality season with overall blueberry imports being up 15 to 20 percent. Our blueberries are located in the primary growing regions. And as long as Mother Nature behaves, we should have another great season. The key to a strong imported blueberry crop involves countless variables, and you need to work with importers who understand each step of the process. From the field to the packing to the shipping to the United States and then to the distribution to customers, you need to be on your ‘A game’ the entire time to deliver the best quality.”

The company’s largest promotion periods are toward the end of December, flowing into January and February of the new year.

Blues still command a strong presence at retail. “The year-round popularity of blueberries continues to drive sales at the retail level,” Mr. Curry added. “We offer a full range of packaging that reflects the import volumes at any given time. During the peak periods, we can offer larger clamshells such as an 18-ounce, and during non-peak volume times we flex with the smaller clamshell sizes such as the 4.4-ounce and six-ounce sizes.”

Curry & Co. works with its retail partners to provide ongoing updates during the season to keep everyone on the same page.

“Import blueberries are a seasonal crop. So it’s important that you talk to us or your supplier both prior to and during the season,” Mr. Curry said. “It is one of those crops that can easily change week to week. So strong communication is needed for us all to do our best.”