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Ronnie Cohen, a partner at Vision Import Group LLC, River Edge, NJ, said the firm’s mango volume from its South American suppliers will be greater this year and will follow the company’s strategy of steady growth in that space.

“Currently we are bringing mangos in from Brazil and our Brazilian deal is larger than it was last year,” he said in early September. “And we expect to double the volume we had last year from Ecuador.”

Mr. Cohen said the collaboration among Vision Import Group on the East Coast and its sister companies — Vision Produce Partners of Texas LLC, Pharr, TX, and Vision Produce Co., Los Angeles — in the middle of the country and on the West Coast has allowed the firm to increase its overall mango volume significantly. “For the Mexican deal, our sister company in Texas helped a lot,” he said.

Mr. Cohen explained that Ben Brittain, the group’s principal partner in Texas, knows the Mexican mango deal very well and was able to secure additional volume from that point of origin. Likewise, the major partner of all three organization’s, Bill Vogel, as well as the two Vision Import principals, Mr. Cohen and Raul Millan, have great contacts in South America. With the three sales points stretched across the country, the combined firms can offer great service to a large array of customers. “Service and our good looks are the keys,” quipped Mr. Cohen. “We can offer a full package of services regardless of where the customer is located. The quality we deliver is also very important.”

Since last season, the Texas operation has been launched and the California operation changed its name from the longstanding Tavilla Sales Co. of Los Angeles to the Vision Produce Co. moniker. Mr. Cohen didn’t want to overstate the importance of the name change, but said it does give instant visibility to the collaboration that exists among the three firms. He said customers are now instantly aware that these three operations work together because of the common name. “It has definitely had a beneficial impact,” he said.

As the three firms continue to work together, Mr. Cohen said they will strengthen their collaborative efforts and continue to grow the program. He is especially expecting significant growth in mango imports from Mexico next season.

For this season, Mr. Cohen said the three Vision companies will have Brazilian mango supplies into November before transitioning to Ecuadorian fruit. “For the foreseeable future,” he said on September 6, “we are going to have ample supplies and I expect the market to remain steady [pricewise].”