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San Diego-based Coast Tropical was moving along with steady but a controlled volume of mangos from Brazil during September prior to its big push the rest of the fall with fruit from Ecuador and Peru.

“We started in Brazil a couple of weeks ago,” said Isabel Freeland, the company’s vice president and chief operating officer. “We are going to have the same out of Brazil as we have had in the past. We are not a big importer from Brazil. But we will start with Ecuador in the first or second week of October and the volume will increase super-color-041Mangos growing in South America. (Photo courtesy of Coast Tropical)quickly.”

Many importers have said Ecuador will be a bit late this year with a late October start and no big volume until November. Coast Tropical has a slightly different take. “Our farm in Ecuador is not late at all,” said Ms. Freeland. “We are happy to be one of the first importers that will have Ecuadorian fruit. And our volume should be up at least 10 percent this year.”

Coast will import from Ecuador through November and December and into the middle of January. The firm will start its Peruvian mango imports in late December as they will overlap with Ecuador for a week or two. “It works very well to have the deals overlap a little bit,” she said. “While one deal is winding down, the next is getting started.”

From Peru, Coast Tropical is expecting its volume to remain about the same this season as it was a year ago. Overall, Ms. Freeland said that the Coast Tropical mango program continues to get “bigger and stronger.” She said mangos continue to show growth in the U.S. marketplace and receive great promotional support from the retail trade.

Ms. Freeland added that the fall is an excellent time to promote the fruit. “We anticipate some great retail promotions from the middle of October through November and into December,” she said.   “This is a very good time of the year for mango promotions.”