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In mid-September, with shipments of Red Wing onions out of Quincy, WA, still a month away, Sweet Clover Produce was “letting er’ rip” with loads of reds, whites, yellows and sweets from its growing regions in the Northwest.

According to Sales Manager Bill Brownfield, the season leading up to the Red Wings from Grigg & Sons in Quincy has been a good one, and Walla Walla, WA-based Sweet Clover was seeing good movement in all market segments.

“Foodservice has been very good,” Mr. Brownfield said. He noted that the quality of the Red Wings is expected to be excellent this year, and he said Sweet Clover will have a good range of sizes for its buyers.

“Lots of packs are available, and of course we’re known for our carton reds,” he said.

By mid-October the primary varieties shipping will be the Red Wings, Sweet Clover Sweets and red and yellow hybrids.

The company’s year-round onion program includes organic yellows, organic sweet yellows and organic reds as well as Walla Walla Sweets.

Mr. Brownfield said earlier in the year that this season’s yellow sweets had tested at L-2 by AgSource of Umatilla, OR, and were some of the sweetest onions ever grown by the operation’s “family” of farmers.

Packs include the Carry-Fresh mesh bags for all of Sweet Clover’s onions, including the Red Wings and organics, and the company offers specialty pack cartons as well.

Sweet Clover provides complete traceability, and sheds are GAP-certified in compliance with both state and federal protocol.

This year Sweet Clover attained certification for export to the European Union, and GSI Bar Codes are on every onion sticker.