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Ben Reilly, the Midwest business development manager for Los Angeles-based Giumarra Cos., said that the company is forecasting and planning for continued growth in its blueberry import program starting in Argentina early this year.

“The blueberry program will then continue through to Uruguay and Chile,” Mr. Reilly said. “We have additional imported blackberries from Guatemala, and we have also added a number of new growers in the northern states of the U.S., extending our volume to later in the season. Our Mexican imports will start during the week of Sept. 10.”

ben reillyBen Reilly, Midwest business development manager for Giumarra Cos.Mr. Reilly noted that Chile remains the dominant supplier of blueberries to the North American market. However, Argentina and Uruguay remain integral to all retailer and foodservice programs as they provide the early volumes as the import season gets underway.

“The first Argentine blueberry arrivals the week of Sept. 10 is particularly early,” he said. “Our Mexican blackberry imports will start the same week, while the Guatemalan volumes will wind down quickly. Our domestic blackberry crop officially finished at the start of September.”

He added that the volume of our fresh berry imports are heavily marketed to retailers and are eaten by consumers at home.

The company has sales offices on both the East and West Coasts, and it is reporting growth in the Midwest market.

“Giumarra has maintained consistent annual growth for the past 10 years,” said Mr. Reilly. “We offer 12-month a year blueberry and blackberry programs to the North American market. We grow with our customers, and we offer a wide range of services.”

Giumarra was started over 70 years ago, motivated by a simple desire to build a family-based produce business through hard work and commitment to quality. Today it has grown into one of the world’s largest agricultural organizations.

The Giumarra Cos. is now recognized for setting standards of excellence in the world of agribusiness. It is privately owned and operated by members of the Giumarra family.

Giumarra works hard with its international network of growers to make sure that its wide variety of products are available to retailers throughout the year.