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GLENNVILLE, GA — The Dasher Family has been growing Vidalia onions and raising cattle here for generations. Walt Dasher said this year's onion crop is one of the best in recent memory. The Vidalia harvest will continue through the end of the month; what's not sold fresh will go into storage and carry through summer until the Peruvian sweet onion deal starts in August.

Here, Dasher talks about the crop, his family history and a new spirit of cooperation among Vidalia growers.

Look for more from video from Vidalia as the harvest wraps up, as well as video from North Carolina and South Carolina as The Produce News heads into that region to to preview those states' upcoming seasons in coming days.


REIDSVILLE, GA -- Six weeks ago, John Shuman of Shuman Produce Inc. believed a high-quality, promotable crop of his RealSweet Vidalia onions was on the way. He was right. The Vidalia deal officially kicked off April 25 with one of the most promising crops in recent memory. Here Shuman talks about the overall picture in the Vidalia region, his company philosophy and his roots in the region.


Spring temperatures have been great in eastern Washington, and a lack of frost means that things are looking good for Domex Superfresh Growers. “There’s a lot going on in the orchards these days,” said Dave Gleason, chief horticulturist at Domex Superfresh Growers. He noted that there are a lot of apples and cherries on the trees and the fruit is developing well.


VIDALIA, GA — There's something different at Bland Farms as this Vidalia season continues at full-pace: a third-generation of Blands has entered the ranks of executive leadership.

The late Raymond Bland founded the operation decades ago. His son Delbert came onboard and found creative new ways to market Vidalias in the 1980s. Now, Delbert's son Troy has been named chief operating officer.

Here, both men talk about the changes at Bland and the ongoing Vidalia season.

Look for more reports from Vidalia in coming days as the season continues, before The Produce News heads into the Carolinas to preview those states' summer deals.


LYONS, GA — The folks from Coggins Farms in Lake Park, GA, and Stanley Farms, here, have been farming for, well, generations. So it made perfect sense when earlier this year, the two organizations, both purchased by the same outside interest in the last couple of years, decided it would be a better idea to move forward as a single entity, Generation Farms.

Here, Vince Stanley talks about the upcoming Vidalia season and the overall scope of Generation Farms moving into the future.

Stay tuned for more this week from Vidalia and how that deal is coming off. Next, The Produce News moves into the Carolinas to preview those states' seasons.