Emerson recently announced its extension and leadership in cold chain management with the acquisitions of PakSense and Locus Traxx. Already a leader in serving the global container shipping and food retail industries, Emerson has included PakSense and Locus Traxx in a newly formed business focused on cargo-based solutions.

Emerson Cargo Solutions provides end-to-end monitoring services to help safeguard the world’s food supply, reduce energy costs and automate processes. The company is a one-stop shop for cold chain monitoring, providing components that can be leveraged to monitor all perishable supply chain segments.

Recently released, UltraNFC loggers monitor time and temperature of perishable items during transportation and storage, and then transfer this data via short-range near field communications to supported Android devices. Using the free mobile app,  the UltraNFC labels provide quick and easy data downloads for anyone monitoring the cold chain from anywhere in the world.  

SmartTraxx GO trackers allow users to monitor goods in real-time, protecting valuable assets as they move through the supply chain. The latest in the GO product line is the GO XL Lux, ideal for tracking longer shipments. The GO XL Lux features a more robust battery and light-sensing technology that alerts users when products are at risk and records when doors are opened.

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Green Giant Fresh featured several new items at the recent CPMA Convention & Trade Show. The company’s Merritt Bruce talked about its Cauliflower Crumbles Fried Rice Blend and sweet potato noodles, as well as its new spaghetti squash product, each of which makes it easy to have a healthy, home-cooked meal while cutting down prep time.


Jim DiMenna, president and chief executive officer of Red Sun Farms, said the company’s cherry tomatoes on the vine continue to demand more acreage each year. The tiny tomato has huge flavor, and these super sweet, cherry tomatoes are great for snacking or tossed in a salad. The company suggests that for maximum flavor and shelf life, leave them on the vine until you are ready to eat.


Mucci's new greenhouse-grown Cherto tomato is a cherry tomato-on-the-vine with a lot of flavor packed inside. “Consumers want taste, and this is what we want to bring them,” Mucci Farms’ Stephen Cowan said at the 2017 CPMA Convention & Trade Show.


Fresh-crop New Zealand Jazz apples are arriving in the United States now, decked out with a sharp new look and attitude geared to drive even stronger sales of the top-10 apple. The new brand elevates the always-refreshing eating experience delivered by the tangy-sweet, intensely crunchy favorite. Complete with a fresh new logo, and supported by a suite of nimble visual components, Jazz is primed to stand out in the category with contemporary colors, eye-catching graphics and a compelling brand message.