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It's cold and snow-covered in eastern Washington, and Superfresh Growers is looking at how to improve its fruit for this year. With a lot of options for new orchards, the company discusses the transition from dinosaur trees to new trellis systems that allow for automation and robotics.


The Wonderful Co., parent to healthy brands POM Wonderful, Wonderful Halos, and Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, will debut it’s first-ever consumer-facing campaign to officially welcome in the new year via its Times Square digital billboard. The billboard is located at One Times Square, where about 2 million people gather to celebrate New Year's Eve each year.

With 3.5 billion servings of Wonderful products enjoyed each year, this first-ever consumer campaign creates a powerful synergy amongst the Wonderful brands, while helping to establish a strong connection to the Wonderful name among consumers.


On a blustery fall day, the Superfresh Growers team joined Dave Gleason, chief horticulturist, for the annual End of Harvest Party. Warehouse managers and office staff joined the celebration , which took place in a local Pink Lady apple orchard. Gleason fired up the BBQ as the Superfresh Growers team celebrated harvest and the seasonal change. Of course, farm tasks never slow down. Now that apple and pear harvest is finished, Gleason reported that the farm team “is busy preparing ground for next spring, putting in posts and trellis systems, as well as getting ready to prune and sh ape trees for next year’s crop.”

As the Superfresh Growers farm team wraps up the year, Gleason reminded us this is a time for sharing with family and friends. “I’d like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season with your family,” Gleason said. From the Superfresh Growers family to yours, “Happy Thanksgiving!”


Sunkist Growers is celebrating Mandarin season with a new addition to the Sunkist Family Stories program.The Mulholland family, an Orange Cove, CA-based citrus grower-shipper primarily of Mandarins, is the newest family to be featured in the multimedia storytelling project dedicated to sharing the rich heritage of Sunkist growers.

Sunkist Family Stories profiles the families that make up the 125-year-old citrus cooperative, offering a unique view into the life of today’s modern farmer. The program is designed to transport consumers to the bright groves of California and Arizona so they can learn about traditional growing practices, innovation and dedication to quality that is proudly passed through generations of Sunkist member family-owned farms.

“Highlighting Sunkist’s commitment to quality and authenticity, our farm-to-table stories resonate with consumers all over the world,” said Sunkist Director of Communications Joan Wickham. “We are proud to share the values and legacy of Sunkist’s history through our Sunkist Family Stories and are thrilled to now feature the Mulholland’s story as part of the growing program.”

As the first family to grow and market Murcott Mandarins in California, the Mulhollands have contributed valuable experience and knowledge to the industry throughout the four generations of their family’s farming history. Sunkist recently introduced the Sunkist Delite Mandarin program that offers retailers, growers and consumers the value and quality proposition that Sunkist is known for.

“Sunkist Delite California Mandarin season is in full swing, making this fresh content ripe for promotion,” added Wickham. “Consumers today are looking for food with a story, and we’re proud to tell ours through the Sunkist Family Story program.”

The Sunkist cooperative of family farms offers more than 40 fresh citrus varieties. With thousands of grower members in California and Arizona, the Sunkist cooperative reflects the values and legacy of its 125-year history: family-owned farms where traditional growing practices, stewardship of natural resources and a dedication to innovation are proudly passed through the generations. Founded under the principle that more can be accomplished by working together, Sunkist continues to promote a culture of family and collaboration with growers and customers to drive positive results for all.

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Retail record-breaking apple variety Pazazz is set to make its biggest impact yet for retailers across North America. The premium variety, now in its fourth year of commercial introduction by Honeybear Brands, started shipping in early November to many markets and will be available at retail until early April while supplies last.

"Pazazz is designed to do two things very well,” said Don Roper, vice president, sales and marketing, Honeybear Brands. “It’s about delivering incredible, unrivaled flavor to customers and building ongoing incremental sales for our retail partners at the store level. All of the data and feedback we've collected to date from every one of our regions shows Pazazz is outperforming our expectations and hitting all its marks. With our largest volume ever, Pazazz should be available for five to six months this year instead of the usual three, so we’re expecting it’s contribution to retail bottom lines to be very significant."

Learn more about the Pazazz apple in our latest featured video and by visiting or