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Nick Williamson, key account manager for Mucci Farms, showed off an exciting new product at the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure in Orlando, FL. Mucci's greenhouse-grown Cherto tomato is a cherry tomato-on-the-vine, and it comes in a resealable top-film package.


Mary Blackmon, founder of Farm Star Living, rolled into Southern Exposure 2017 with Fill My Cart to find the must-have produce that should be filling grocery carts: Spice World’s garlic and ginger, Well Pict’s strawberries, NatureSweet tomatoes, Southern Specialties French beans, pistachios from Wonderful, Galas from Fowler Farms and Good Foods’ avocado-shaped chunky guacamole pack.


This year’s Potato Lover’s Month Retail Display Contest winner will be taking a cruise, but the big question is whether they’ll bring Mary Blackmon, founder of Farm Star Living, and Seth Pemsler, the Idaho Potato Commission’s vice president of retail/international, along for the trip. Hear all about that, and IPC’s Field Force superhero, in this video from the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure.


Craig Kelly, IFCO’s vice president of sales, didn’t have to travel very far to get to this year’s Southern Exposure, but every day his company’s RPCs journey through the global market. The environmentally friendly RPCs circulate through the supply chain, going from field, to a distribution or cooling center, then to the retailer and back to IFCO, where they’re cleaned and sanitized before setting off again.


With an easy-to-peel rind, Sunkist's Gold Nugget mandarins are currently at the peak of their season, as are the company's candy-like Pixie tangerine. Julie DeWolf, Sunkist's director of retail marketing, took some time at the Southeast Produce Council's Southern Exposure to discuss the varieties and other peak-of-season options.