Started with nothing more than some soil and the idea to give pumpkins a little more personality by painting faces on them, Burlington, WA-based Bay Baby Produce was founded in 1999 by childhood friends Michele Youngquist and Liz Mitchell.

Over the course of its 18-year history, Bay Baby Produce has grown from just 30 acres of sustainably farmed land to more than 400 acres, and it has even expanded its business to include organic winter squash in addition to pumpkins. Bay Baby Produce also produces Fruit Deco, premium gift-quality apples and pears custom developed by the company.

But of course, Bay Baby’s major claim to fame is its signature mini- and pie-size painted pumpkins, otherwise known as Pumpkin Patch Pals, which are a vibrant crew of individually hand-decorated, painted mini pumpkins with happy, festive character faces and distinctive, feathery hair. These friendly pumpkin faces are also used as ambassadors for healthy eating and exercise.

With all the success this women-owned company has had, The Produce News decided to sit down with founder and owner Youngquist to get a behind-the-scenes scoop on how the company came to be, what it’s currently working on and where it plans to go next, in the first video of our new series In Season.


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The Organic Produce Summit, held July 12-13 in Monterey, CA, was sold out for attendees and exhibition booths. More than 900 people were in attendance, including nearly 200 retailers from over 70 different buying organizations. Representatives from Costco, SuperValu and Natural Grocers told The Produce News they were looking to connect and reconnect with partners in the $14 billion organic fresh produce industry — and OPS is just the place to do that.