NEPC 2015 kicks off with Cape Cod clambake


CHATHAM, MA — The New England Produce Council Expo 2015 — "NEPC by the Sea" — kicked off in grand style on Cape Cod with a ritzy beachside clambake at the historic Chatham Bars Inn Sept. 16.

Our Maggie Giuffrida chatted with guests about the soiree — and their expectations for the rest of the show — in the first of our NEPC video series. She also jumped in and lent a hand to the chefs as the feast came together.

Potandon transitioning from storage to fresh potatoes


Purple, pink, red, white — it’s a whole new world for potatoes. And a whole new season. Our Maggie Giuffrida caught up with Jamey Higham, Potandon's vice president of new business and foodservice,  for an update on the transition from the storage crop to the beginning of the fresh season.

Mini-potatoes are all the rage and proprietary varieties like Potandon’s Klondike Rose are increasingly popular. Fall 2015 promises a crop with excellent quality and great volume — great news for retailers and consumers.

Food safety comes first throughout Chick-fil-A supply chain


We all think of chicken when we think of Chick-fil-A, but salads and other produce are a hugely important part of the chain's success. Chick-fil-A Manager of Food Chain Safety Steven Lyon talks about how the fast food giant keeps food safety top-of-mind.

"Food safety is critical to Chick-fil-A — we're the No. 1 chicken chain restaurant but we also serve over 160 million pounds of fresh produce annually," Lyons said. "Literally from the farm to the back door of the restaurant, we make sure items are being produced safely, verified through audits and validated for the highest risks. It shows complete alignment with our food chain partners."

Everybody needs a (spuddy) buddy


Everybody needs a buddy, as our Maggie Giuffrida found out from the Idaho Potato Commission. Armand Lobato provided the lowdown on all the marketing materials the commission has available — including its irresistible Spuddy Buddy mascot.

The social side of PMA Foodservice and Monterey


MONTEREY, CA — Our Maggie Giuffrida did a little California dreaming while we were on the West Coast for the PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo here.

From Pebble Beach to Cannery Row, the Pacific Coast Highway to a little French bakery, the journey ends with a visit to the Church Bros. annual ranch bash in the Salinas hills.