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Intergrow adds cherry tomatoes-on-the-vine to lineup

Intergrow Greenhouses Inc., a leading North American greenhouse producer based in Albion, NY, has added cherry tomatoes-on-the-vine to its lineup for 2016, joining its TOVs and Beefsteak tomatoes.CherryTOV

The new variety is known for having a very sweet flavor and slightly larger in size than a standard cherry, making it great for snacking as well as multiple cooking uses.

"We trialed a number of varieties over the past few years to find the perfect cherry tomato,” Kris Gibson, vice president of sales and marketing at Intergrow, said in a press release. “We wanted this tomato to capture the consumers with its sweet taste and this tomato does exactly that. The packaging was carefully designed to showcase the stand out flavor, and tomatoes are harvested on the vine for great shelf life and presentation.”

The new Cherry tomatoes on the vine will be available year round, locally grown in western New York.

Intergrow has a strong focus on locally grown, premium quality tomatoes. With growing lights for winter production, Intergrow delivers product year round within 24 hours of harvest providing the freshest tomatoes possible, even in the middle of winter.