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SCOTTSDALE, AZ — This spring, Martori Farms, headquartered here, is fully activating a new type of food-safety program for packing cantaloupes. The process, which employs a hot water shower to clean pathogens from the melons' rough skin, looks to address critical food-safety issues that were ultimately related to the crevices in cantaloupe rinds.Stephen Martori Jr. Stephen Martori Sr., president of the company, said his... Read more

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Fruit Royale triples size of Mexican grape program for 2014
“Our program is growing by leaps and bounds,” Louie Galvan, a partner in Delano, CA-based Fruit Royale told The Produce News April 1, referring to the company’s involvement in the Mexican grape deal. “We are actually tripling our numbers from last year,” he said. “We have brought on a couple of sizeable growers, and we are making some moves to get involved in... Read more

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‘Oso Sweet’ California onions grown for West Coast
With the objective of making Vidalia-type sweet onions available when the true Vidalia onions were not in season, Saven Corp. in Savannah, GA, 25 years ago, began growing sweet onions in Chile during the winter and marketing them in the United States under the “Oso Sweet” trademark. Eight years ago, with the addition of other production areas in Peru and the... Read more


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Stuart Smith joins Interfresh Inc.
Orange, CA-based Interfresh Inc., a national supplier of fruits and vegetables, announced the addition of Stuart Smith to its sales staff in San Bruno, CA, effective April 7. “People of Stuart’s caliber don’t come along very often,” said Puentes. “Stuart literally grew up in melon fields, working alongside... Read more


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Domex Superfresh Growers' orchard tech
Domex Superfresh Growers continues to innovate with use of GPS-equipped tractors as technology moves from the drawing board to the orchard. Use of GPS allows the tractor to create a planting line within an inch of accuracy. A specialized plant platform pulled behind the tractor opens the ground so trees... Read more