Instacart has entered into partnerships with Wegmans Food Markets and Giant Food Stores LLC. The new service is currently available at select Northern Virginia and Maryland Wegmans stores as well as Giant shoppers in the Philadelphia area. “We know our customers are busy, and that any found time in their week can make a difference. That’s where we can help — by giving them the option to have Wegmans... Read more

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As a young kid, I used to write a neighborhood weekly “newspaper” that provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what my neighbors were up to. I stopped after a couple of years so my parents would still have a few friends left in the neighborhood. Obviously, The Produce News came upon some of those Pulitzer-nominated pieces and has asked me to do... Read more

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Christopher Ranch excited about  new crop of California organic garlic
Christopher Ranch has been growing high-quality garlic for over 60 years. In the mid-1990s the company began producing organic garlic, and its line of organic specialty items has grown steadily since. Patsy Ross, marketing director for the Gilroy, CA-based company, said Christopher Ranch is excited over the new crop of organic garlic available this summer. Christopher... Read more


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Howard Marguleas: A true visionary
Visionary, Webster tells us, has to do with looking into the future with wisdom. It’s not enough to just plan for a time down the road, but you have to be right to be a true visionary. Synonyms include being creative, imaginative and innovative. It is those kinds of words and many like them that... Read more