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Banner Vidalia season sets the stage for dynamic run for Peruvian sweet onions
Vidalia set the bar high for the sweet onion deal with a banner season that went so well most growers delayed shipping early season Peruvian sweets until the rest of the Georgia crop could be cleared out. Not only did Vidalia have great quality and volume, there was also a solid market. Most players in the deal expect Peruvian onions will hitch a ride on those same coattails. Vidalia had “the deal of a lifetime”... Read more

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Vision's Kiss mangos available through early October
The Vision Cos. — Vision Import Group LLC in Hackensack, NJ, and Vision Produce Co. in Los Angeles — announced the return of the Kiss mangos from Brazil, available now through early October in the United States.  Kiss mangos, propagated to increase varietal choices, have a profile to meet consumers' broadening appetite for mangos. The fruit,... Read more

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Southwest Michigan apple production looks strong for Greg Orchards; peaches also on the manifest
“The apple crop looks strong” in southwest Michigan, said Barry Winkel, a partner and the general manager of Greg Orchards & Produce Inc. in Benton Harbor, MI. Late last July at Greg Orchards, the firm’s sales staff of Marilyn Redder and Char Bisbo stand with Barry Winkel, partner and general manager, in front of Greg’s peach packingline.... Read more


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SpartanNash announced that Dave Staples has been appointed president; he will continue as chief operating officer. Staples will continue to report directly to Dennis Eidson, who continues his responsibilities as chairman and chief executive officer. As president and COO Staples will lead the company's... Read more