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Crowley’s organizational realignments include new appointment for Nelly Yunta

On Dec. 20, Crowley Maritime Corporation announced that it had made organizational realignments within its shipping and logistics team, effective Jan. 1.

Nelly Yunta, who previously served as vice president of U.S. imports, customs brokerage and consulting for the company’s Miami-based Customized Brokers’ customs brokerage subsidiary, has been promoted to the position of vice president of sales, marketing and customer care for Crowley Maritime.

NellyNelly YuntaMs. Yunta is now responsible for the domestic sales and marketing efforts of Crowley’s worldwide shipping and logistics services, as well as those of Customized Brokers. She will also oversee the shipping and logistics customer care team. She has relocated from Miami to Jacksonville, FL, where she will fulfill her duties at Crowley Maritime’s offices.

In the Crowley organizational realignments, Alicia Pelaez was appointed director of Customized Brokers.

Grapes are by far driving the imports with the largest volumes in the fruit category this season, according to Ms. Yunta.

“Grapes are first, followed by apples and berries,” she said. “We have seen a small increase in cherries come through South Florida ports, but with berries in general, it’s a downward trend.

“At this point [Jan. 25] in this year’s import programs, we have experienced lower import volumes, which are partially attributed to a freeze that growers confronted in the middle of their production,” she continued. “Market conditions and competition could also have played a role in the decrease.”

Customized Brokers is also currently clearing citrus products, avocados, cherries, stone fruits, pomegranates and kiwifruit. In late January, numerous items were at their peak in import volumes.

“These include blueberries from Chile, pineapples from Costa Rico, melons — cantaloupes and honeydews — from Honduras and Guatemala, tomatoes from Guatemala, cucumbers from Honduras and asparagus and mangos from Peru,” said Ms. Yunta. “The Peruvian asparagus program, however, is almost at its end for the season.”

In her new position, Ms. Yunta will report to Frank Larkin, who was recently promoted to the position of senior vice president and general manager for Crowley’s logistics division.

“Nelly has a wealth of trade knowledge and leadership skills, as well as an ability to foster strong relationships with customers and partners,” Mr. Larkin said in a press release. “We’re confident that she will continue to take our sales and customer care teams to greater heights, which will benefit our clients significantly.”