MAC offers dietitian information kit to retailers

The Michigan Apple Committee is providing a resources kit for retail dietitians, according to Diane Smith, executive director of the Lansing-based organization.

The kit is the work of Shari Steinbach, who formally partnered with the Michigan Apple Committee a year ago. Steinbach retired from her position at Grand Rapids, MI-based Meijer Inc. to create her consulting firm, Shari Steinbach & Associates LLC. She is a year-round consultant for the Michigan Apple Committee.

Shari-Steinbach-photo-largeShari Steinbach“Shari is the official dietitian for Michigan apples,” Smith told The Produce News. The new dietitians’ kit satisfies “what retail dietitians are really looking for: good, solid information” on the background, benefits, preparation and education material regarding apples.

The kit has these sections:

• Farming & Agricultural Practices

• Types & Tastes of Michigan Apples

• Nutrition & Health Benefits

• Apple Selection, Storage & Handling

• Healthy Cooking: Ways to Use

• Fall Educational Supplement

• Holiday & Winter Educational Supplement

The kit is available as a booklet or in pdf form.

Steinbach also develops content for the Michigan apples website, including health tips and meal plans. In addition, she blogs and creates retailer resources and serves as a media spokeswoman on topics related to health and nutrition.

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