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Splendid greatly increasing Ataulfo volume in 2018

A large-volume, established Mexican mango grower-packer-exporter, Splendid by Porvenir LLC is making a huge leap this season in increasing its Ataulfo mango volume.

Daniel Ibarra, president of Splendid, said Ataulfos accounted for 5 percent of the firm’s 2017 mango volume. This year that number will jump to 30 percent.

Daniel-IbarraDaniel IbarraTo achieve such growth, Splendid forged new alliances with established Ataulfo growers. This started in the early 2018 season in Chiapas. In Nayarit, Splendid moved from working with two growers to four in 2018. These growers are Agricola Tropicampo, Union de Productores Ganes SPR de RI, Agricola Mejor del Campo and Agricola El Tapatio de Culiacan.

“Our participation in Ataulfo this year will be a huge change,” he said. “It’s a very ambitious project. In the process, we’re trying to get the best returns to the growers.”

To reduce overhead costs, Nayarit packinghouses are shipping directly to North American retailers.

Splendid’s business north of the border this year includes Canada, and Eva Fuentes was hired before the shipping season specifically to develop that market.

Beyond mango exports to North America, Splendid will greatly expand its mango exports to Europe via Mexico City’s international airport. Customers in Germany, Spain, Italy and France will be receiving mangos in direct flights from Mexico City.

Ibarra said his firm is collaborating with a large-volume Michoacan-based grower, Agro Fruticola Colibri, to serve the European market.

Ibarra said European customers will pay as much as three times the prices paid for mangos by North American customers. The catch is much more demanding specifications on quality and skin blush. Most critically, the European buyers want their mangos ready-to-eat.

Splendid first shipped to Europe from its home base in Los Mochis last year. The Michoacan connection allows European program expansion.

“We are starting the Kent variety with Agro Fruticola Colibri in one week,” Ibarra said May 16.

Six-kilo (13.2-pound) boxes will first be flown to Europe around June 1.

Splendid will be shipping from Los Mochis from June 8 to Sept. 8. The firm’s Los Mochis volume will be down about 30 percent this year because of off-year grove production.

Splendid’s Persian lime program from Chiapas was to begin May 19, Ibarra said. The grower-packer is Agricola Villamango, which will be shipping until October. These lime exports will enter the United States through McAllen, TX.

Splendid’s second season of shipping yellow and white sweet corn from Los Mochis was “very successful” this year. “We look forward to increasing this in the future.” The Splendid-brand sweet corn deal runs from December until April.

Ibarra is a partner with his brother Cheyene Ibarra in owning Splendid. Their office and huge packinghouse is in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. Splendid’s business and sales office is in San Bruno, CA.