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New campaign to highlight NatureSweet’s growing standards

NatureSweet began operations with a few hectares of production in Devine, TX, in 1990 under the name Desert Glory, Ltd and had one product — cherry tomatoes, now called Glorys. 

In the years since those humble beginnings, NatureSweet has built five greenhouse facilities in Mexico and purchased two facilities in Arizona. 

“We own and operate nearly 1,600 acres of greenhouses in North America, making us the largest grower in North America,” said Lori Castillo, brand manager for NatureSweet. “We have added multiple brands and continue to launch new items to drive the growth of the fresh tomato category. Our greenhouse facilities can be found in warm, dry climates that are ideal for providing the best vine-ripened tomatoes 365 days a year.”

Constellation 16.5oz TRR CMA Rendering 08.05.16 “Consumer demand for fresh, easy, ready-to-use ingredients continues to be on the rise,” Castillo said. “Small tomato usage also continues to increase as consumers focus more on salads and other healthy, on-the-go products. We are dedicated to providing consumers with variety to meet the needs of different usage occasions all year long. Product offerings include Glorys, Cherubs, Comets, Constellation, SunBursts, and Jubilees.”

NatureSweet recently partnered with Ganfer, which will enable the company to increase production of its tomato brands, while enabling both NatureSweet and Ganfer to advance their respective expansion and growth plans. 

“Through our joint venture, we will add more than 100 hectares of greenhouses to NatureSweet’s production over the next three years,” Castillo said. “The products grown with this additional acreage will be NatureSweet products, though the exact mix is not yet determined.”

In 2017, NatureSweet will be introducing new packaging options for two of its brands — Cherubs, the No. 1 small tomato in the United States, will now be available in a convenient 18-ounce package along with a 16.5-ounce package size of Constellation medley pack of tomatoes. 

“We are also launching a new advertising campaign to highlight our quality greenhouse-growing standards from seed to store, year-long freshness and variety of offerings as a pioneer in the produce industry,” Castillo said. “While ‘Tomatoes Raised Right’ is our new campaign, it’s all about our company’s philosophy of growing our tomatoes from start to finish. Raising something right doesn’t happen in a day, so we are vertically integrated, controlling everything from seed to shelf. Our associates nurture and handpick our tomatoes at the peak of freshness with care. Our proud associates are our biggest competitive advantage, and are the inspiration behind the new campaign.” 

Speaking of associates, NatureSweet currently employs approximately 8,000 full-time workers with an average tenure of over five years, and they are experts at growing NatureSweet tomatoes to its high standards. 

“They know exactly how to manage the plants throughout each season because they’ve done it so many times before, and no other company can replicate their expertise,” Castillo said. “Our proud associates are our biggest competitive advantage, and are the inspiration behind our new campaign.”

Food safety is also a big concern for the company and NatureSweet has a rigorous quality control system in place, with all of its facilities certified SQF Level 3. 

It also has a full product traceability code on every package and can identify were every package came from, down to the exact row in each greenhouse. Only tomatoes that pass every quality test are packed and shipped to retailers.