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New York Apple Sales expands Scotian Gold Cooperative partnership

Glenmont, NY-based New York Apple Sales continues to expand its partnership with Scotian Gold Cooperative. The company now sells Ambrosia and Sonya apples grown in this growing region of the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

Company owner and President Kaari Stannard added, “We continue to be the exclusive U.S. importer of Honeycrisp grown by Scotian Gold.”

AmbrosiaNew York Apple Sales is now selling Sonya and Ambrosia (pictured) apples from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.She said that with its growing partners throughout New York, the company continues to invest in new varieties.

“And they have expanded the productive acreage on their farms,” said Stannard. “Our own Fish Creek Orchards continues to expand with another 130 acres to be planted over the next several years.

New York Apple Sales continues to expand its portfolio of branded apples.

“We are growing and selling SnapDragon, RubyFrost, SweeTango and our newest brand, Koru,” said Stannard. “We just finished our third and largest import crop of Koru apples from New Zealand. Import volumes doubled over 2015 with great retailer and consumer acceptance. Our New York grower-partners have planted over 60 acres of the trees that produce the Koru brand apples.”

With plans to plant another 250 acres in the next several years, New York Apple Sales’ initial domestically grown harvest will take place this fall with limited volumes of Koru.

“We will support this launch of domestically grown Koru with point-of-sale materials, freestanding displays and in-store demo programs,” said Stannard.

New York Apple Sales marketing area runs from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic seaboard, and from the Canadian border to Texas and all Southern states. It also exports fruit to Southeast Asia and to Israel.

“We expect an average size domestic crop this year, with high sugar and great color,” added Stannard. “Warm and dry growing conditions will lead to an on-time harvest starting in mid-August.”