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Capital Logistics continues exponential growth in its carrier base

While outstanding service is a hallmark of the success of a logistics company that moves fresh produce, it takes a much larger mix of offerings to turn it into a hugely successful operation. It requires a compilation of the right — and right number of — equipment and drivers, the latest technology, availability of services, efficiencies and more.

White Plains, NY-based Capital Logistics LLC has accomplished all of the above, and they’ve done so in a short nine years since it was founded.

Chief Operating Officer Michael Feig told The Produce News that the company’s continued growth in its carrier base is helping it to build its customer list.

“We expect transportation capacity to get a lot tighter in 2017,” said Feig. “Capital Logistics’ electronic tracking devices and the growth of our carrier base will enable us to continue to be a leader as this occurs.”

michael-feigMichael FeigThe company uses the best transportation management systems and macro points with GPS, providing employees with 24/7 electronic access to monitor load progress. It offers nationwide and Canadian transport coverage.

Capital Logistics specializes in the more-difficult-to-transport fresh produce items, such as bananas and berries. About 90 percent of its business is in fresh produce, and the remainder is in frozen loads and refrigerated non-produce.

Feig said every shipment is unique, “so our service must also be flexible to meet individual needs.”

The company updates its customers once daily or more on request. Its team covers loads on weekends and is available seven days a week.

“We haul a lot of berries, bananas, melons and grapes — the more fragile items and the tougher to transport,” Feig pointed out. “But we also haul all other fresh vegetables and fruits, including lettuces and asparagus, as examples. Shippers typically provide us with the proper temperature that the item needs to be maintained at during transport, but we’re also very well versed on correct temperatures for products. This makes us a perfect fit as a carrier for the more delicate items, something in which we take great pride. However, we’re also experts at hauling more hearty products.”

Another feature distinguishing Capital Logistics is its ability to move fresh produce quickly. Feig said it provides single and team drivers.

“This service gets commodities moving to their ultimate destinations in the most efficient manner,” he said. “Customers appreciate that Capital Logistics literally takes every load it is tendered, further bolstering faith and confidence between companies. Our customers really like that reliability.”

Feig explained that business from California is very busy in spring and summer. The company moves a lot of product from piers in the Northeast, which are much busier in the winter months.

He also pointed out that when gas prices drop it helps to lower carriers’ overhead.

“Lower gas prices never hurt anyone,” said Feig. “Some companies have a fuel surcharge, so lower prices mean lower rates. When gas prices jump high, there is a pushback of carriers, but the market always finds its level playing field.”

“We are looking to have good partners who want reliable logistics services,” he added.