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Christopher Ranch increases organic garlic production year after year

Gilroy, CA- based Christopher Ranch is highly dedicated to its organic program. Patsy Ross, marketing director, said the company increases its growth of organic garlic by 10 percent every year.

“We wish we could increase more to meet the high demand for organic garlic and our other items, but it is quite a process to secure organic soil,” explained Ross. “The demand for organics continues to outstrip supply.”

She also gave a shout-out to Geoff Hall, who heads Christopher Ranch’s organic program. Hall has been with the company since 2000.

GeoffOPSGeoff Hall heads Christopher Ranch’s organic program.“While our entire sales staff can sell our organic items, Geoff has been instrumental in getting our organic products into retail stores,” said Ross. “He works with the field and production departments, the executive level and all our sales representatives on our organic program. “Supply, quality, packaging and logistics all fall under his watchful eyes.”

She pointed out the obvious fact that grocery store produce departments are increasing their organic offerings. Big displays and sections, now commonplace, are dedicated solely to organic produce.

Foodservice operators and industrial clients are also demanding more organic products. Christopher Ranch offers organic peeled garlic cloves as well as organic peeled shallots for its foodservice partners.

“Organic offerings will continue to increase in demand in all segments of the food industry,” said Ross. Whether they are buying fresh or processed produce, or eating in restaurants, consumers today want organic options and they are willing to pay more to have them.”

She added that Christopher Ranch believes the demand for organic produce will continue to increase, and producers will continue to dedicate more space to fill the growing demand.

The company carries a full line of organic products for the retail market. Its line includes bulk and packaged fresh garlic, peeled organic garlic cloves, fresh shallots, pearl onions, cipolline onions, boiler onions and elephant garlic.

“We also offer organic chopped garlic, roasted garlic, ginger and shallots in ready to use jar packs,” said Ross. “Christopher Ranch’s goal, and one we work toward continually, is to offer California grown organic garlic year-round.”

The company lays claim to being the nation’s largest domestic fresh garlic grower, packer and shipper.

“Christopher Ranch has an over 60 year tradition of supplying the finest, highest quality, most flavorful and healthy garlic products to retail and foodservice customers,” Ross stressed. “We ship over 70-million pounds of fresh California heirloom garlic annually.”