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Stemilt adds new products to its Lil Snappers line

by Press Release | December 12, 2011

WENATCHEE, WA -- Just a few months after launching Lil Snappers, a premium line of three-pound bags made specifically for kid-sized apples and pears, Stemilt Growers is expanding the product line with new varieties, organic availability and a durable display-shipper.

Stemilt recently added two varieties -- Braeburn and Fuji apples -- to its line of conventionally grown Lil Snappers and also introduced Lil Snappers under its "Artisan Organics" label. The Lil Snappers product line now includes six conventional apple varieties, one conventional pear variety and five organic apple varieties. The new organic varieties available are Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Piñata and Pink Lady. Piñata is Stemilt's exclusive apple variety, which is in season January through April each year. A combination of heirloom varieties -- England's Cox's Orange Pippin, Russia's Duchess of Oldenburg and the American classic Golden Delicious -- give Piñata a sweet, tart and tropical flavor profile that kids love, making it a great fit for Lil Snappers.

In addition to expanding the Lil Snappers line, Stemilt will begin shipping these bags in a new display-shipper. The carton is a shorter version of a standard display ready carton (or DRC) and is great for building displays at retail. The pre-printed box features sharp graphics that make the product stand out in the produce department.


"The new carton also is very durable, which will aid in effectively transporting the box from our facilities all the way to the produce department floor," said Stemilt Marketing Director Roger Pepperl.

Stemilt launched the Lil Snappers product line at the Produce Marketing Association's Fresh Summit earlier this year. Lil Snappers are convenient, resealable three-pound bags filled with premium-quality apples or pears. The bag was designed to stand up in the refrigerator for easy accessibility, and small ventilation holes on each bag allow the fruit inside to breathe, which maximizes freshness. The vibrant, kid-friendly graphics are strategically located on the handle of the bag so shoppers can view the quality of each piece of fruit in the clear Lil Snappers bag.


"The Lil Snappers line has been a great addition for Stemilt," said Mr. Pepperl. "The kid-friendly sizes and flavors, and convenient grab-n-go package make it appealing to today's busy parents. We've had numerous calls and e-mails from people wondering where to find Lil Snappers in their market. It's a perfect in-and-out item to bring excitement to the produce department this winter and spring."

To round out the Lil Snappers line, Stemilt has pop-up display bins available for building secondary displays at retail. A QR code on the bin allows shoppers to view a Lil Snappers mobile web site with their smartphone.

"The mobile site provides information about Lil Snappers, nutrition facts and kid-friendly apple recipes. It also has links for parents to download and print fruit activity sheets for their kids," said Mr. Pepperl. "The QR code is a great way to introduce a new product line like Lil Snappers to your shoppers."