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Winners announced for Mango Mania Display Contest

by Press Release | September 21, 2011

The winners of the first Mango Mania Display Contest have been announced by the National Mango Board. Participating stores competed for $10,000 in prizes and reported a collective 1,095 percent increase in mango volume compared to the same period in 2010. The contest was open to retailers with up to 50 stores.

Lawrence Brothers IGA captured the top prize for stores with one to five registers in the National Mango Board's first Mango Mania Display Contest.

"The display photos we received were so impressive," Wendy McManus, marketing director for the Orlando, FL-based National Mango Board, said in a Sept. 21 press release. "The very best entries used creative themes, built multi-level displays and incorporated fun props to attract attention to the mango display."

The board provided a contest kit with point-of-sale materials, but the stores were encouraged to supplement those with their own signs and other visual flair.

Entries were judged based on the creativity of the display, overall visual appeal of the display, and the effectiveness of the display in educating shoppers about mangos. Display entries had to be in place for at least seven days during the month of July.

According to the board, the emphasis on small chains and individually owned stores was the first step in a larger campaign to engage retailers that are not currently being contacted by the NMB's retail account managers.

"It's not feasible for us to make direct contact with the hundreds of small retailers out there, but we want them to have access to our information and tools for growing mango sales," Ms. McManus said in the press release. "We plan to repeat the contest with small retailers again in 2012, and will work to enhance our relationships with them throughout the year."



(10 or more cash registers)

First place, $1,000 prize: Kevin Thompson, Price Rite, Chicopee, MA.

Second place, $750 prize: Aaron Preece, Macey's Grocery, Providence, UT.

Third place, $500 prize: Vincent Venditti, PriceRite, Pawtucket, RI.


(Six to nine cash registers)

First place, $1,000 prize: Doug Dallo, Foodland, San Diego, CA.

Second place, $750 prize: Dawn Beckby, Henderson's IGA, Valentine, NE.

Third place, $500 prize: Michelle McAreavy, Patricia's Food Store, Columbia, NC.


(One to five cash registers)

First place, $1,000 prize: Chuck Gurvitz, Lawrence Brothers IGA, Ruidoso, NM.

Second place, $750 prize: Leif Lobner, North State Grocery Quality Foods, Cottonwood, CA.

Third place, $500 prize: David Gwaltney, Lawrence Brothers, Breckenridge, TX.