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Peri & Sons supports breast cancer awareness through new packaging

by Press Release | September 21, 2011

Yerington, NV-based Peri & Sons Farms will for the third year support the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s efforts to heighten awareness of breast cancer through education, prevention and screening.

With the launch this fall of new packaging that features NBCF information, Peri & Sons provides customers

the opportunity to donate as well when they support the special bags of red, white, yellow and sweet onions during a limited-time offer.


Jessica Peri, retail sales manager for Peri & Sons Farms, said, “Customers who are ordering our special NBCF packs are planning to feature them in October which is widely recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By featuring these NBCF packs, retailers have the advantage of tapping into the sales energy being generated by hundreds of products that are also supporting this important cause.”

Teri Gibson, marketing and customer relations manager for Peri & Sons, added, “Research indicates that support for products that heighten awareness of the breast cancer crisis is particularly strong among women ages 25 through 65. Women in this age group are also cited as being robust purchasers of fresh produce, so we feel our bagged-onion promotion is a very good fit for national awareness month.”

The new Peri & Sons’ promotional package is 100 percent recyclable mesh with a high-graphic pink wrap-around UB label and can be packed to order with any combination of white, red, yellow or sweet onions in two-, three- and five-pound weights. All the onions are grown on the Peri’s family farms in the United States using certified clean, safe and traceable practices.

Value-added incentives are also included in the packaging.

“The back side of our NBCF package features two recipes by cookbook author and spokesperson, Holly Clegg,” Ms. Gibson said. “One recipe is from a very special cookbook that Holly developed to help cancer patients better tolerate treatment and maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment. The other recipe is from her book, ‘Too Hot in the Kitchen,’ and is absolutely delicious and simple to prepare.”

The “Show Your Support” message on the front of the package’s label invites consumers to visit, where they can order a free pink “Faith|Hope|Strength” wristband.

Ms. Peri said, “We hope customers will see the wristband as a great way to show their support long after the October promotion ends.”