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New Zespri kiwifruit shippers employ cutting-edge technology

by Press Release | August 16, 2011

Zespri announced that it will be positioning newly designed kiwifruit shippers in stores throughout North America that feature QR codes, engaging produce shoppers in a meaningful and unprecedented way.

When produce shoppers scan QR codes on Zespri’s shippers with their smart phones, they will be taken directly to Zespri’s web site (, where they can learn more about the “Zespri” brand. Consumers may also read about creative kiwifruit recipes, nutritional information, Zespri’s growers and sustainability practices.

Besides the QR codes, Zespri’s new shippers also feature front compartments in which consumers can find recipe cards and spifes — a half-spoon half-knife, which allows consumers to eat kiwifruit on the go and with ease.

“Zespri continues to develop ways to educate and engage both the trade and consumers,” Michele Hoard, Zespri’s senior marketing manager of North America, said in an Aug. 8 press release. “We are excited to be able to bring cutting-edge technology that engages consumers with tools they are already using to learn about Zespri ‘s local growers, its commitment to sustainability, community involvement, while providing helpful tips and recipes.”

By creating an engaging and informative experience for shoppers at the point-of-sale, Zespri is engaging consumers in a memorable and helpful way. Zespri shippers are available for green, gold and organic kiwifruit. There is a Chinese language version as well.