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Peruvian avocados approved to enter U.S. without cold treatment

by Tad Thompson | July 20, 2011

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service has cleared Peruvian avocados to enter the United States without cold treatment.

"This approval by APHIS will go a very long way toward the development of the U.S. market for Peruvian avocados in the May-through-September marketing window," Mark Greenberg, senior vice president of procurement and chief operating officer of Fisher Capespan in Montreal, told The Produce News July 19, the same day the announcement was made.

APHIS made the decision after confirming that Peru was not a host of the fruit fly, which will now mean a significant cost reduction for Peruvian exporters and better quality fruit.

Francisco Camino, general manager of CorporaciĆ³n Fruticola de Chincha, told The Produce News July 15 that the USDA announcement was imminent.

Mr. Camino's firm, based in Chincha, Peru, is among Peru's avocado growers that have been awaiting this announcement since May. He was anxious for the opening of the U.S. market before the avocado season wound down in late August.