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Giumarra Agricom opens new avocado packing facility

by Press Release | June 30, 2011

Los Angeles-based Giumarra Agricom International has announced the opening of its new avocado-packing facility in Ventura, CA. The grand opening was held June 22 and was attended by Giumarra staff as well as April Aymami and David Cruz from the California Avocado Commission.


April Aymami, industry affairs manager for the California Avocado Commission; Tom Vaughn, business development manager for Giumarra Agricom; John Schaap, sales and operations for Giumarra Agricom; Bruce Dowhan, general manager of Giumarra Agricom; Tyler Cobb, field representative for Giumarra Agricom; and David Cruz, marketing development manager for the California Avocado Commission. (Photo courtesy of Giumarra)
The facility was designed to better service Giumarra's growers in California’s northern growing region and will lessen the company’s carbon footprint by reducing the transfer distance of the product from the fields to the packinghouse.


The facility will be managed by Tom Vaughn, business development manager, and John Schaap, sales and operations.

"Relationships and partnerships are an integral part of agribusiness," Mr. Vaughn said in a June 30 press release. "We want to be a strong part of the northern avocado-growing community, and having a facility in Ventura allows us to interface with our growers."

Additionally, the packinghouse will benefit Giumarra's customers. "Having a facility in Ventura, in conjunction with our packinghouse in Escondido [CA], allows us to provide logistical flexibility to our customers," Bruce Dowhan, general manager of Giumarra Agricom, added in the release.

Giumarra Agricom will continue to operate its packinghouse in Escondido.

"We are committed to servicing our growers in [California’s] San Diego and Riverside counties," Mr. Dowhan said in the release. "We have relationships, partnerships and friendships spanning three decades with the southern avocado-grower community. We will maintain these with our Escondido facility and continue to cultivate the grower relationships in the south that are so vital to our business."