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Tex Starr unveils new papaya variety with a competitive edge

by John Groh | May 18, 2011

Tex Starr Distributing LLC, a newly formed company based in Alamo, TX, has unveiled a new sweet papaya variety called Royal Star. The proprietary seed variety is a natural hybrid that is sweet, firm and brightly colored inside and out.

“We are very excited to announce our new papaya variety, Royal Star papaya,” Lance Peterson, a grower and a proprietor of Tex Starr Distributing LLC, said in a May 16 press release. “We are especially excited because the new variety is not only sweeter and juicier than most papayas currently on the market, but volume of the papaya will be available for wide distribution on a year-round basis in July.”

To reach the consumer, Tex Starr Distributing plans to launch a consumer marketing push this summer to align with the product’s availability.

“We are eager to introduce Royal Star papaya to the fresh produce industry and consumers alike,” Kenny Alford, marketer and proprietor of Tex Starr Distributing LLC, added in the press release. “We intend to drive demand for the new papaya variety straight from the consumer and culinary influencers who will appreciate the product’s flavor, versatility and health benefits. We’re planning to launch a web site soon that will include consumer- and influencer-focused information and will complement this with a social media push to engage and excite consumers.”

In order to test interest in the product, Tex Starr Distributing conducted initial outreach during April to influential bloggers in target markets.

“Initial contact that we’ve made with bloggers promoting Royal Star papaya is promising,” David Peterson, a grower and proprietor of Tex Starr Distributing, added in the press release. “Foodies, chefs, and health and adventure eaters alike are searching for the next big culinary ingredient, and we intend to give them Royal Star. It smells and looks enticing, tastes amazing, is great for your body and has a longer shelf life than other papaya varieties available on the market.”

While most Maradol papayas have a shelf life of three days once they are cut, a Royal Star papaya has a shelf life of up to five days after it is cut. Uncut, the fruit can last for up to 14 days, according to the company.